Real comments from my Pupils:

"I would put money on Jan being the best driving instructor in the south west! I went through 3 driving instructors until I managed to find her, and she was worth the wait! Aside from the fact that she's a great teacher and got me through my test in very few lessons, she's absolutely hilarious, hands down one of the most interesting women I've met. Would recommend Jan to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a relaxed atmosphere, and wants to learn how to drive in the real world, not just to pass your test. I miss her! " Millie Kille, Falmouth

"I very much enjoyed learning to drive with Jan, she was amusing & laid back, unfailingly punctual (even when I was not) & prepared to give a great deal of her time. I passed my test first time, absolutely delighted" Sophie Evans, Truro School

"I enjoy every lesson with Jan, she's honest and reliable. She always has faith in me when I have none in myself, and gets me through things I don't enjoy. A lovely cheerful lady and great instructor" Braidie Kendall, Hayle

"I highly recommend learning to drive with Jan, with great teaching methods that stick in your head even after you pass! Very patient and always willing to work around what you can do, learning something new with every lesson" Josh Tipton, Redruth

"Learning to drive is one of the hardest things you do in life, and for many (including myself) is a scary and nerve racking thought. I had previously had driving lessons with other instructors, which made me feel stupid and scared and I would usually end in tears by the end of the lesson; but lessons with Jan were absolutely brilliant! She is so calm and patient that you never feel pressured or stupid if you struggle doing something. There was never a dull moment in a lesson, I am positive Jan can make anyone laugh and enjoy themselves while learning.

Jan was really flexible with lessons so I was able to fit them in around Uni. I don't think my lessons were ever on the same day, at the same time or even from the same place, because of my manic course, but this wasn't a problem for Jan and she was never late for a lesson!!

Jan teaches you to drive, not to just pass your test! I passed my test just over a year ago and felt confident and ready to be let loose on the roads on my own, and a year on I am still accident free!!

I could carry on, but in short...I would highly recommend lessons with Jan!" Lizzie Blackwell, Falmouth

"Jan was an excellent and supportive instructor; her tips and witty humour made learning to drive a pleasure! Jan didn't just teach me to pass the test, she taught me how to be a confident and safe driver post-tuition. I've been driving for a year and a half now without any accidents and I would definitely recommend having Jan as a driving instructor" Mike Pascoe

"Firm but very fair and extremely friendly. Made the whole process an absolute pleasure. I'd definitely recommend Jan to anyone wishing to hit the road" David Ford

"Ever since turning 17 I have always wanted to learn how to drive, although I never thought that I would have the confidence, however since taking lessons with Jan she has the gift of relaxing me and keeping me calm whilst driving, explaining every aspect of the lesson to the fullest and making my lessons feel easier than I ever thought possible. I would recommend Jan from BSM to any new driver wanting to learn!" Carrie-ann Sanders, Truro

"After 4 attempts at passing my test, with 5 instructors in Portsmouth, London and Helston, my dad saw I was going about this the wrong way, and recommended Jan, who in her own firm, caring style, booted out the bad habits, and coached me to passing my Test not too long after. Honest and fun, she is a brilliant instructor and i highly recommend her to anyone, especially those suffering shelling out £100 a go after the fourth test." Matt Gleave, RNAS Culdrose Helston

"Jan is the best driving instructor I ever had, my confidence grew lesson by lesson. I owe her a lot, more than I can say. If I hadn't have learnt to drive when I did, I wouldn't possibly have the job I do at the moment. Driving has become second nature and it’s all because of Jan!"  Verity Reed, Aviary Technician, Exeter University, Tremough Campus, Cornwall